KITPC Program Proposal

The KITPC/ITP-CAS focuses on becoming a center of excellence in research, acting as a platform for productive scientific exchange and cooperation at the most advanced international level, and building up a basis for fostering and bringing up young talents. For achieving these goals the KITPC/ITP-CAS invites innovative program suggestions in areas where KITPC/ITP-CAS can make significant contribution. The programs include long-term programs which last several months, mini-programs and rapid-response programs lasting few weeks, and outreach programs that will disseminate physics to the wider community of scientists and non-experts. Most of the programs involve physics and the emergent interdisciplinary areas between physics and other branches of sciences, such as astrophysics and cosmology, biophysics, nanosciences, mathematics, chemistry, life sciences, materials sciences, environment sciences, space sciences, information and energy power, etc. We welcome innovative and creative ideas and are open to new areas that connect broadly to physics.

KITPC hold the National Advisory Board Meeting annually to select and decide the programs to be run the year after next year. Proposals should therefore be submitted before May 1st. The key factors for the selection of programs include intellectual significance, timeliness, experimental or observational significance, and the availability of outstanding participants. Other criteria concern the broader impact of the activity, such as the potential for promoting training of students and postdocs, for broadening the participation of groups that are underrepresented in physics, and for communicating and disseminating results to the wider community of scientists and non-experts.

Both full proposal and pre-proposal are welcome. Full program proposals need to be elaborate – including research field, detailed description of the program, possible coordinators and key participants. It is expected that the coordinators should include the international and domestic scientists who have influence in this field. KITPC gives priority to those programs that have large community in China. KITPC also encourage you to submit a pre-proposal, "Pre-proposal" submissions need not be elaborate -- a title, a paragraph or two explaining the idea, and some suggestions for organizers and key program participants will be sufficient. Relevant members of the advisory board will review these pre-proposals, encourage the development of promising ones into full proposals, and guide coordination of proposals in related areas. The KITPC/ITP-CAS director, Yue-Liang Wu ( will be pleased to discuss ideas for programs and to answer questions you may have about process of proposing them.

A successful proposal usually contains the following:

1. A clearly motivated scientific case that explains the background to the broader physics audience, the specifics for the specialists on the board, and, sometimes why you think the time is ripe for progress.

2. Committments from at least 2 people to be coordinators. A program will not succeed if there is not at least one well organized coordinator in residence all the time. The best programs have two coordinators in residence all the time.

1.It is a good idea to consult the KITPC management office(Dr.Ci Zhuang,, Phone:8610-62582360) about submitting program proposals.
2.Proposals are reviewed at the KITPC National Advisory Board meeting each June. To receive a thorough review, proposals should be submitted by May 1st.
3.See some samples of successful proposals.
Sample A     Sample B

KITPC/ITP-CAS Management Office




中国科学院卡弗里理论物理研究所于2006年6月18日在中国科学院理论物理所成立,是由中国科学院支持,美国Kavli基金会捐赠并冠名的一个国际交流平台,为当今世界上17所Kavli研究所成员之一。它以一个全新的模式运行,融合了美国加州大学圣巴巴拉分校卡弗里理论物理研究所和法国Les Houches学院的运行模式,并结合我国的发展现状。KITPC作为理论物理研究所开放所的进一步拓展,为我国理论物理学界提供一个开放的国际合作交流环境,我们将与全国理论物理学工作者一道,致力于建成一个国际一流的研究中心、具有世界一流水平的学术交流与合作的平台、培养优秀青年人才的基地。


KITPC将在每年6月召开顾问委员会会议,顾问委员会成员将对项目建议书进行评审,对有发展潜力的建议进行完善、对相关领域的项目提议进行整合并和您一起使之发展成为完善的项目建议书。因此请您务必在每年5月1日之前提交您的项目建议书。项目建议书需要详细列出项目的研究领域,主要内容,可能的项目协调者(coordinators)和主要的项目参加者(key participants)。希望建议的项目协调者中能包括本领域有影响的国际和国内的科学家。


如果您有任何问题或者需要进一步的信息,请直接与我,或者KITPC项目管理办公室庄辞博士 联系。您的意见和建议对于KITPC的发展、充分发挥它的作用至关重要,感谢您的大力支持。