Small system nonequilibrium fluctuations, dynamics and stochastics, and anomalous behavior

Monday Jul.08 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:Raphael Chetrite
10:00Hugo TouchetteLarge deviations in statistical mechanics
Tuesday Jul.09 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:Carlos Mejia Monasterio
09:30Pablo SartoriThermodynamics of biological copying systems
10:00Eli BarkaiWeak ergodicity breaking on the nanoscale
Wednesday Jul.10 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:Xiaosong Chen
15:00Denis EvansDissipation and the foundations of statistical thermodynamics
Thursday Jul.11 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:
Friday Jul.12 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:Lamberto Rondoni
09:30Haitao QuanValidity of Jarzynski equality for the rapidly expanding quantum piston
10:00Denis EvansTBA
Monday Jul.15 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Pablo SartoriMotors regulation in flagella bend and beat
10:00Henk Van BeijerenA comparison of various mode coupling schemes
14:30Valerio LucariniA general statistical mechanical approach for deriving parametrizations
Tuesday Jul.16 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:Zhongcan Ouyang
15:00Jona LasinioUnderstanding Nonequilibrium via Rare Fluctuations
Wednesday Jul.17 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Raffaella BurioniRare events and scaling in field induced anomalous dynamics
Thursday Jul.18 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:30Simone Pigolottithermodynamics of biological copying
10:00Jona LasinioTBA
Friday Jul.19 2013
Room:6620   Chairperson:
09:00Massimiliano EspositoThermodynamic cost of sensing in autonomous systems
10:00Livia ContiThe effect of heat fluxes on the vibrational energy of mechanical oscillators
Monday Jul.22 2013
Room:6420   Chairperson:
10:00Debra J BernhardtThe fluctuation theorem and dissipation: application to steady states, local regions and systems with external noise
Tuesday Jul.23 2013
Room:6420   Chairperson:
10:00Angelo VulpianiSome consideration about dynamics, chaos and number of particles for the statistical mechanics
Wednesday Jul.24 2013
Room:6420   Chairperson:
15:00M Howard LeeAnalytical approach to the logistic map: toward defining chaos from first principles and relating chaos to ergodicity
Thursday Jul.25 2013
Room:6420   Chairperson:
10:00Annick LesneFunctional structure and dynamics of the genome, from DNA to chromosomes
Friday Jul.26 2013
Room:6420   Chairperson:
10:00Umberto Marini Bettolo MarconiTBA