Small system nonequilibrium fluctuations, dynamics and stochastics, and anomalous behavior

Date :From 2013-07-01 To 2013-07-26
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Leihan Tang (Beijing Computational Science Research Center) Jingdong Bao (Beijing Normal University) Hao Ge (Peking University) Zhanchun Tu (Beijing Normal University) Fei Liu (Beihang University)
International coordinators :Denis Evans (Australian National University) Lamberto Rondoni (Politecnico di Torino) Andrea Puglisi (Universita di Roma La Sapienza) Hong Qian (University of Washington) Yuhai Tu (IBM Research Center)
Present day science and technology deal ever more frequently with objects made of a number of elementary constituents that are much smaller than Avogadro's number, but are still large enough to require a statistical approach. Nanotechnological devices and nanoscale structures of current biophysical interest, such as biopolymers, molecular motors, nanoporous membranes and even single molecules moving in optical traps, fall within the category of "small systems". This mesoscopic realm cannot be described by macroscopic theories such as thermodynamics, because the fluctuations of the quantities concerning these systems are comparable in size to that of the measured signals. On the other hand, the elementary microscopic constituents and their interactions are too numerous to be meaningfully described individually, e.g. following their microscopic dynamics. In addition, such systems often exist in an open environment, frequently exchanging matter and/or energy with the surrounding medium or degrees of freedom not of direct interest. Therefore, new experiments, numerical investigation, and theoretical developments are required to classify and comprehend this rich phenomenological landscape.
From the theoretical viewpoint, deterministic dynamics as well as stochastic processes have been widely used to this purpose and have led to a large number of noteworthy results. In particular, the Fluctuation Relations, which were firstly proposed in early 1990s and hold exactly even in far from equilibrium phenomena, have proved to be successful not only in the development of the nonequilibrium statistical theory but also in the description of observable properties of small systems. They are significantly influencing the current perspectives on molecular biology as well as nanotechnology.
The KITPC program "Small System: Nonequilibrium Fluctuations, Dynamics and Stochastics, and Anomalous Behavior" will bring together the experts from different backgrounds who are interested in small systems and will provide an ideal interdisciplinary environment for the communication of the state of the art and for the development of new ideas about the physics of small systems. The program will include general topic presentations, round-table discussions on special issues and will especially encourage cooperation among the different research groups.

1. Fluctuation-dissipation, relaxation and fluctuation relations
2. Deterministic models and stochastic processes
3. Anomalous transport phenomena
4. Application in biology and nanotechnology

Preliminary Schedule:
1) All program participants are encouraged to write review or research article relevant with our program and to submit to a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Communications in Theoretical Physics.
2) The First week (July 1-5) will be scheduled as the dense week with many talks, which is also Beijing Satellite Meeting of STATPHYS 25: Non-Equilibrium Phenomena, Spin Glasses, and Algorithms. Prof. Haijun Zhou from Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, is on charge of the Conference.
3) The First week is overlapped with the KIPTC program, Advanced Molecular Simulation Methods in the Physical Sciences, which is organized by Christoph Dellago, Yanting Wang, and etc.
4) In the last three weeks, the following key participants are tentatively scheduled to give talks and each talk is one or two hours each day.
Eli Barkai
Debra Joy Bernhardt
Denis Evans
Giovanni Jona Lasinio
Howard Lee
Roberto Livi (WTD)
Ralf Metzler
Hugo Touchette
Henk van Beijeren
Angelo Vulpiani