String Theory and Cosmology

Date :From 2007-09-01 To 2007-12-15
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Rong-Gen Cai, Bin Chen, Edna Cheung, Jianxin Lu, Bin Wang, Ming Yu
International coordinators :Miao Li, Hong Liu, Shamit Kachru, Eva Silverstein,Henry Tye

String theory is the best motivated theory that can address fundamental issues like physics beyond the Standard Model, the origin of our universe, the quantum nature of gravity, the mystery of black holes, dark energy, supersymmetry and the dark matter. Studies of the cosmic landscape, model/vacuum building and time-dependent solutions are making contact between theory, phenomenology and cosmology in new and exciting ways. WMAP and PLANCK, together with LHC, have begun to usher in a new era of string cosmology and string phenomenology. This program aims to take advantage of all these recent and coming developments, with a slight emphasis on cosmology. The program hopes to bring together string theorists with an interest in phenomenology and/or cosmology, and cosmologists, particle astrophysicists and phenomenologists who are interested in new ideas coming from string theory. Mathematical string theorists who are interested in these issues are most welcome.