Quantum Phases Of Matter

Date :From 2007-06-01 To 2007-08-31
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Xin Wan, Tao Xiang, Xin Cheng Xie, Zheng Yu Weng,Su Yi, Chang Pu Sun
International coordinators :Sankar Das Sarma, Eugene Demler, Yu Lu, Fu-Chun Zhang, Xiao-Gang Wen

The very first program of KITPC is "Quantum Phases of Matter", which will run during June 1, 2007-August 31, 2007, right after the official opening of KITPC. This program will be organized by Sankar Das Sarma (University of Maryland, USA) of the International Advisory Committee of KITPC with Eugene Demler (Harvard University, USA), Yu Lu(ITP, Beijing), Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT,USA), and Fu-Chun Zhang (University of Hong Kong) as co-organizers. The program will be aimed broadly at interesting and exotic collective quantum phases of condensed matter that arise due to complex interactions and strong correlations among its constituent particles. Well-known examples are superconductors, superfluids, high-temperature superconductors,ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, spin liquids, quantum Hall systems, Wigner solids, topological phases, stripe ordered phases, Mott insulators,supersolids, and so on. The program will involve traditional solid and liquid based condensed phases as well as dilute atomic gas systems,synergistically bringing together experts from both many-body condensed matter physics and atomic physics. The emphasis of this program will be the orrelation-induced emergence of unanticipated quantum phases of matter and the various quantum phase transitions among them.