Molecular Junctions

Date :From 2012-12-03 To 2012-12-28
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Yi Luo, Jinlong Yang, YiJing Yan, Bih-Yaw Jin, Ma Zhonghui,Xie Shijie
International coordinators :Ora Entin-Wohlman,Zhigang Shuai, Jan van Ruitenbeek, Felix von Oppen,Andrew Millis

The main focuses of the four-weeks program "Molecular Junctions" (3 Dec, 2012 - 28 Dec, 2012) are:

1.       Quantum transport through molecular junctions and mesoscopic systems- different approaches-comparative studies of various transport theories;


2.       Keldysh techniques; master equations; quantumrate equations; numerical simulations;


3.        Effects of electronic interactions and electronic cor-relations on molecular bridges: Coulomb blockade and Kondo screening in molecular bridges;


4.        Inelastic effects in quantum transport through molecular junctions: energy transfer between transport electrons and molecular vibrations; energy transfer between electronic and mechanical subsystems in molecular junctions; effects of bending and stretching of molecular bonds;


5.        Controlled heating and cooling of nanomechanical resonators via coupling to quantum dots; heat transport; thermoelectric effects;


6.        current correlations and noise spectra of molecular junctions and nanomechanical shuttles;


7.        Optical effects in and spectroscopy of molecular junctions;


8.      Spin-dependent phenomena in molecular bridges and possible relations to spintronics; spin-orbit interactions; effects of magnetic fields;


9.        Back-action of quantum systems on the environment and quantum measurements: accessing a single microscopic system via its back-action on the environment; inter relations between measurements and decoherence; back-action in nanomechanical systems;


Preliminary schedule:

  • Dec. 3 - Dec. 7: Quantum transport in molecular and mesoscopic systems;
  • Dec. 10 - Dec. 14: Heat and other thermoelectric effects in molecular electronics; effects of inelastic and electronic interactions;
  • Dec. 17 - Dec. 21: Nanomechanical resonators and shuttles;
  • Dec. 24 - Dec. 28: workshop