Function and Dynamics of Biomolecules

Date :From 2009-07-01 To 2009-08-15
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :Luhua Lai, Ming Li, Haiyan Liu, Zhongcan Ouyang, Zhirong Sun, Wei Wang
International coordinators :Peter Lu, Zhong-Can Ouyang, Hong Qian, Claus Seidel, Zhi-Rong Sun, Jin Wang

The theme of this KITPC program is to bring together experts in different areas of studies such as protein folding, biomolecular recognition and interactions, conformational dynamics and single molecules, to study the dynamics of these different systems. We are aiming to establish a coherent framework to understand the underlying physical mechanisms for function as well as global universal behavior on the biological systems. We believe such event will promote the training and interactions with the frontier researchers, catalyze the interdisciplinary communications as well as mutual learning of the students and post doctors in these areas.

Topics include: protein folding, protein conformational dynamics, biomolecular interactions and recognition, and single molecules. The questions include:

• What do we learn from ensemble experiments vs. single molecules on protein folding, conformational dynamics and biomolecular interactions?

• Can we understand the protein folding, conformational dynamics and biomolecular interactions in a global way and what kind of physical models are most appropriate?

• What are the underlying principles of the biomolecular function under the influence of internal and external noisy environments.

• Is there a framework to study the biomolecular functions?

• What is the role of evolution on the functions of biomolecules?