Atomic physics using superconducting quantum circuits

Date :From 2011-05-16 To 2011-07-01
Advisory committee :
Local coordinators :W. Chen, Y.X. Liu (contact person), L. Lu, X.B. Wang, X.G. Wang, J.Q. You, Y. Yu
International coordinators :C. Bruder, C. Lobb, J. Martinis, H. Mooij, F. Nori, C.P. Sun, J.S. Tsai

The goal of this program is to study atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting quantum circuits. This is a very fast growing area of research, which is attracting the attention of a growing number of research groups worldwide. The topics would include all types of quantum superconducting circuits (charge, flux, and phase), including the interaction of these and resonators (both mechanical and electromagnetic resonators).

The program plans to bring together: (i) young researchers interested in this field, more experienced researchers, and stimulate interactions among both groups, and within each group.  It would have both, pedagogical presentations accessible to students and postdocs (and researchers that would like to enter this field), as well as more advanced presentations with recent developments.