International Conference on Science Frontier

Saturday May.26 2007
Room:6620   Chairperson:Kuang-Chao Chou
09:00Openning Ceremony at Great Hall of The People
Room:6620   Chairperson:Edouard Brezin
11:00Michael FreedmanHow Topology will save Moore's law
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yue-liang Wu
14:00David AustonOpening Speech
14:10Peter ZollerQuantum information and condensed matter physics with cold atoms
14:50Douglas N.C.Lin The search for habitable planets and the quest to understand their origins
Room:6620   Chairperson:Zhong-can Ouyang
15:45Terence HwaOn Growth and Control
16:25Li YouQuantum Dynamics in a Spin-1 Atomic Condensate
Sunday May.27 2007
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yuan-ben Dai
09:00Xian-tu HeCharged Paticle Acceleration by PW Laser
09:40Jeremiah P.OstrikerConcordance Cosmology: Is It Correct?
Room:6620   Chairperson:Lu Yu
10:40Sankar Das SarmaQuantum Physics, Reality, and Quantum Computation
11:20Xing-jiang ZhouState-of-the-Art Electron Spectroscopy on Correleted Electron Systerms
Room:6620   Chairperson:Tan Lu
13:30Henry TyeThe Origin of Our Universe
14:20Xiao-guang WenFrom an Origin of Light and Electrons to New States of matter
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yu-ping Kuang
15:10He-sheng ChenPerspective on High Energy Physics in China
15:50Tao HanHigh Enerny Physics: The Next Two Decades
Monday May.28 2007
Room:6620   Chairperson:Yu-ping Kuang
16:30David GrossClosed Remark