KITPC/ITP-CAS Visiting Scholars Program


KITPC/ITP-CAS Visiting Scholars Program
The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China at Chinese Academy of Sciences (KITPC/ITP-CAS) seeks to fill long-term research visitor positions (2-12 months). Areas of interest include 1) Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter, 2) String Theory, Gravity and Cosmology, 3) Statistical Physics and Theoretical Biophysics, 4) Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Physics. Applications from other areas of theoretical physics or related interdisciplinary fields are also welcomed. Information about KITPC/ITP-CAS can be found at and
Position A (Visiting Program for Senior Scientists)
The Program provides for visits of 2-12 months duration. Candidates for the program must hold a PhD degree, with academic standing as a Professor, Associate Professor or equivalent. A recipient who is currently a professor or equivalent, including any who have received a world-class award or equivalent, will receive up to 500,000 RMB a year. A recipient of lower academic standing such as an associate professor or equivalent will receive up to 400,000 RMB a year. KITPC/ITP-CAS will also provide a round-trip (economy-class) airfare between the visitor’s home institute to Beijing.
Position B (Visiting Program for Young Scientists)
The program provides for visits of 2-12 months duration. Recipients at the research scientist level, under the age of 40, will receive up to 250,000 RMB per year. Post-doctoral recipients, under the age of 35, will receive up to 150,000 RMB per year. KITPC/ITP-CAS will also provide a round-trip (economy-class) airfare between the visitor’s home institute to Beijing.
We encourage applications from all over the world who wish to spend an extended period at KITPC/ITP-CAS while on sabbatical leave. Candidates should submit: 1) a curriculum vitae including a list of publications, a summary of research accomplishments and awards; 2) a statement of research interests and research plan. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with ITP’s faculty persons as your host scientist to make your application most competitive. (for information of ITP’s faculties, please check through:
Applications for positions in 2015 are currently be accepted. The deadline for submitting applications is Jun 30, 2014. Please submit your application materials electronically to Dr. Ci Zhuang:, with the email title “KITPC/ITP-CAS Visiting Scholars Program”. Any problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.