Printing Manual

There are 3modes to use our black LaserJet printers.

l    Walk-up USB Printing/USB直接打印 [only PDF/PS/PCL/PRN/CHT types accepted]

l    Embedded Web Printing /网页打印[only TXT/PDF/PS/PCL/PRN/CHT types accepted]

l    Installing the driver and printing/安装驱动后打印 [to print more types of your files].

The basic information of the printers is listed below.





IP Address


KITPC Printer@3rd Floor


The north of the lobby on the 3rd floor at KITPC


KITPC Printer@4th Floor


The southwestern corner on the 4th floor at KITPC


KITPC Printer@5th Floor


The southwestern corner on the 5th floor at KITPC


KITPC Printer@6 Floorth


The southwestern corner on the 6th floor at KITPC

1.       Walk-up USB Printing(USB直接打印)

Our printers feature walk-up USB printing, so you can quickly print your files in a USB storage without sending them from a computer. The printer accepts standard USB storage accessories in the USB port on the front of the product.

Step 1. Insert the USB storage accessory into the USB port on the front of the printer.

Step 2. The USB STORAGE menu opens. Press the up arrow or the down arrow to  highlight  the  folder  name  or  the  job  name,  and  press the  OK button.

Step 3. Use the numeric keypad, or press the up arrow or the down arrow to select the number of copies to print, and then press the OK button.

Step 4. To print more files, press the OK button to return to the USB STORAGE menu.

Step 5. Retrieve the printed job from the output bin, and remove the USB storage accessory.


The USB STORAGE menu displays for a short time and then the product returns to the Ready state. To open the menu again, open the RETRIEVE JOB menu, and then open the USB STORAGE menu.

2.       Embedded Web Printing(网页打印)

Note: Only 'print-ready' files (.txt, .ps, .pdf, .pcl, .cht, .prn) will be accepted and processed, and all the pages of your document will be printed (you can‘t choose a part of the pages to print).

The 3rd floor printer:

The 4th floor printer:

The 5th floor printer:

The 6th floor printer:

The steps are listed as follows.

3.       Installing the driver and printing(安装打印机驱动后打印)

l   Windows

Step 1. Download the install file firstly. Open the directory you downloaded then and click the file ‘setup.exe’. Here is the download link.

Step 2. Read the license agreement, and then check ‘Accept’ to continue the installation.

Step 3. Next.

Step 4. Next.

Step 5.The Device Connection screen appears. Select the ‘Search using on IP Address’.

Step 6.And enter the IP address of the printer which you want to use.

Step 7. Next.


Step 8. Next.

Step 9. Next.


Step 10.Next.

Step 11.Finish.


l   Macintosh

Step 1. Choose ‘Go’, then ‘Applications’.

Step 2. OpenSystem Preferencespanel.


Step 3. Click thePrinters & Scanners’.

Step 4. Click the + button to add a printer.


Step 5. Select theIPbutton, and enter the IP address of the printer which you want to use, then ‘Add’, the printer will be in your printer list, the end.

NOTE: If your MacOSX version is under v10.6 , you need install a driver. Plead DOWNLOAD the driver, and fill the form like below.

Address:The IP address of the printer which you want to use.

Protocal: HP Jetdirect Socket

Use: HP LaserJet M602

l   Linux

Step 1. Open a Web Browser, like Firefox, and input http://localhost:631/ in the address field to open the printer-manage page.

Step 2. Select theAdministration’ Tab, and double-click theAdd Printer’ button.

Step 5. Select theAppSocket/HP JetDirect’ item and double-click theContinue’

button to next page.

Step 6. Fill theConnection’ with the printer IP address,socket://’ (enter the IP address of the printer which you want to use), and ‘Continue’.

Step 7. Fill the form as you like and click the ‘Continue’ button to next page.


Step 7. SelectHP’ in theMake’ list, then Continue.

Step 7. SelectHP LaserJet Series PCL 6 CUPS(en)’ in theModel’ list, then ‘Add Printer’.